Marketing Audit For Accountants – what marketing activities work best for accountancy firms?

In the last 12 months which marketing activities worked best for most accountancy firms?

Just finished reading the Marketing report. It’s great to be able to benchmark our own firm’s marketing behaviour and marketing performance. What stands out for me is how we have made our marketing complicated when it’s really quite simple. Do great work, give great service, have regular contact and you’ll get great referrals ( if consistently asked). Great report, well done.”

Rob Walsh
Award-winning firm Clear Vision Accountancy Group

The Marketing Audit For Accountants shows you what mix of 13 marketing activities generate the most converted leads.

  • What is it firms with less than 250 clients do to generate 60 leads in 12 months?
  • What do firms with more than 1000 clients do to generate more than 100 leads in a year?
  • What are the top three sources of leads for the 5-7 partner firm that generated between £150,000 and £200,000 of new client fees in the last 12 months. And how much did they spend to achieve this?
  • What did the sole practitioner do to generate more than £200,000 of converted leads in 12 months?

And the table on page 44 of the report provides a crystal clear ranking of what works best at generating converted leads for the 109 contributing firms in the report. Where do you think social media as a source of converted leads shows up?

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Thanks for the Marketing Audit For Accountants.

" It has provided some really clear insights into what works at generating converted leads for accountants. I will be using extracts from it to support the stuff I have been harping on about for years at the quarterly firm management meeting on Monday when we bring all the managers in and do the session on growth."

Nigel Bennett
Managing partner of 7 partner firm Hallidays, Stockport

Sitting on the fence is not an option

Where possible and where relevant you will find questions have been cross-referenced to signpost the strongest, most powerful marketing insights for you and your firm.

Plus you’ll see we have not shrunk away from the responsibility of making recommendations that each set of answers suggests. Occasionally we take issue with the statistics in the face of the anecdotal evidence we are exposed to in the consulting work we do with accountancy firms every week.

You’ll also get over 30 recommendations to act on, take issue with or ignore if you wish?  However there’ll be at least one or two or three insights that will influence the way you market your firm of accountants.

This is why the report was created – to inspire you to take action so you can grow your firm.

Concrete 100% Money-back Guarantee

Because we are convinced about the value of this report (and feedback from firms confirms this) you get a 100% money-back guarantee. This means that when you buy the report you get to read it and then ask for your money back if you cannot see any value for your firm.

There’s some really powerful insights in the report. Looks like there’s been a lot of work gone into making it easy to read and easy to take in. Looking forward to going through it in more detail "

Chris Thomas
Partner at One Accounting, Edinburgh