Master Your Business Autopilot For Maximum Profits Presentation Pack

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For growing your reputation and building a flow of referrals through great presentations

Easy Presentations For Accountants – a tried-and-tested system to help you deliver a remarkable presentation for your prospects and clients. Scroll down to see the available presentation packs…

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Easy Presentations Master Your Business Autopilot For Maximum Profits  – £335.00 plus VAT

What’s included:

  1. A 112 professionally-crafted PowerPoint slide presentation with notes on how each slide should be presented – this is logo free, so you can use your firms logo and branding.
  2. A 4-page Business Bitesize report- so you can fully understand the background behind the science of habit change and mastering your business autopilot.
  3. A sample sales letter for you to use in your event marketing.
  4. Workshop exercises for you to use, to get your audience to participate and make the workshop memorable for maximum word-of-mouth marketing impact.

Easy Presentations is a tried and tested workshop- it has been used several times in front of live audiences.


YOUR PEACE-OF-MIND, MONEY BACK PROMISE: If you are not absolutely convinced the resources provided have saved you many hours of research and preparation time and help you deliver a remarkable presentation then guess what?! We want you to ask for your money back and we’ll return it with our thanks for checking it out.