BE WARNED – old habits don’t die hard!

They are waiting in the shadows of new habits to trip you up unless you stay vigilant, stay conscious and stay aware…

For you to grow, for your firm to grow, for your people to grow and for your profits to grow you MUST embrace the science of habit change.

Changing habits – really changing habits - is not easy, not, when research suggests, we spend most of the day doing what we did the day before, the week before and even the month before.​

​Changing the deeply entrenched habits in your firm will require commitment. Your commitment.

Old habits in fact DO NOT die hard

That’s why the phrase ‘it’s like riding a bike’ rings so true. We just pick up from where we left off and carry on doing the same as we’d done before…

It’s also why Alcoholics Anonymous is recognised as one of the most successful change-management programmes of all time.

When you go to an AA meeting you begin step 1 of a 12-step programme – it recognises that change is not an instant thing – it will take you 12 steps to achieve this change.

Remember old habits don’t die, but for your firm to truly achieve the results you want, your job, as  leader, is to replace your old habits with new habits, to replace the bad habits with good habits.​

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