Phone 1st

Email 2nd

If you and your team picked up the phone more often when you needed to contact your clients would it make a difference to the rate that you get your tax returns turned around? We would argue that by simply picking up the phone before you email a client the following outcomes are guaranteed...

  • Immediate answers to questions that you would have been waiting hours, days or even weeks for
  • Earlier completion of your clients work
  • Impressed clients and more referrals

... which is why we've had high quality hard copies of the 'Phone 1st Email 2nd' posters printed at A2 size (thats 4 times bigger than a piece of A4).

There are just a few left...

Phone 1st Email 2nd
Phone 1st Email 2nd

We've sent these posters to all of our consulting and Business Bitesize clients.  If you want a pair of posters simply go here and pay only for the packaging and postage and we’ll ship them to you…