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Accountants Growth Academy Taster Day 17 October 2019

(4 customer reviews)


Accountants Growth Academy Taster Day
17 October 2019
Hilton Watford

Join Paul and Douglas and a handful of like-minded ambitious accountants on the 20th June for the free taster workshop and you’ll experience the way the Accountants Growth Academy (AGA) works.

The goal of the day will be to deliver enough tangible value to cover a year’s investment in the AGA programme before you have to commit to joining the programme.

​We will work ​together to unlock the full potential of your team’s productive capabilities; together we will future proof your firm in a fast-changing, tech driven and quarterly reporting world. 


4 reviews for Accountants Growth Academy Taster Day 17 October 2019

  1. Jenny Waugh – Hamilton Morris Waugh Chartered Accountants

    It’s working really well for us, it’s made us very focused on what we’re doing, it’s helped us to focus the team, and develop the team, and we can see big changes in our coming out across the entire firm.

  2. Ian Gillard – PG Owen Chartered Accountants

    I think the biggest learning point we’ve taken so far is really don’t pre-judge your clients, believe in yourself, believe in your product, your service, believe in your value, and believe that if you can offer valuable support to your clients it won’t offend them – they will actually love it!

  3. Paul Windmill – Myers Clark Chartered Accountants

    We’ve found the AGA great, great fun too, you know, what are we, two, nearly three years of the way through. It’s been a good learning exercise for the three of us, Jonathan myself and Ian, good opportunities to get away, get together, and the networking side of it in terms of chatting to like minded firms, sometimes you learn something new, but sometimes it’s just about also knowing that other people as going through the same thing as you’re going through, you know, like a reassurance factor. As well as the new learning that obviously it’s brought in so makes you stop and think different about the way you’re doing things, what should we be doing. Paul’s a great person to learn from and listen to, he’s never boring. We always look forward to the next one.

  4. Lisa Brown -Accounting Workshop

    The biggest impact for us so far has been the support we’ve had for implementation of three tier pricing. Before the AGA it had taken us ages to put our pricing strategy properly in place. We had started off with two tiers at the beginning because I wanted to try it but I was a bit scared of doing it the whole way. So really we only half did it but now we’ve got it and we do it for all new clients. So this is really really big news for us and we’ve found everyone pays more than we expected they would want to.

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