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Build A Better Team – Business Breakthrough Bundle

£47.00 +VAT

The success of our accountancy firm depends on the performance of your people – Here’s 6 vital insights you and your team can use so that everyone performs at their best.

These 6 Business Breakthrough reports plus the additional resources, exercises and insights signpost what and how you  improve your people building skills.

Only if your people get better will your firm get better results.

1. BREAKTHROUGH ACCOUNTABILITY – Why put up with the broken promises, missed deadlines and bad behaviour that hold your business back?

2. WINNING INFLUENCE – How do you get the world’s most stubborn people to help your business win?

3. HIGH PERFORMANCE REVIEWS – Your business grows when you help your people grow…


4. HIRING SUPERSTARS – How to hire the superstars who grow your business and avoid hiring the others who dont

5. SCORING GOALS – Here’s how you sidestep second rate results by using the science of goal setting

6. DISSOLVE DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS – Difficult conversations should never undermine the success of your business





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