How do you make your website work 414% harder for your accountancy firm?

£48.00 +VAT

Hello, you’ll find in this report how we almost doubled our number of website visitors in a year.
You can probably do the same or better…

You’ll find 13 website recommendations that get your firm’s website a 414% better result.

If we could steer you to one recommendation to start with it would be recommendation 5.

What others in the world of accountancy have said about this report: ‘This is without doubt an inspiring, challenging and supporting report form Paul that will provoke your thinking about how much value you get and could get from your website.  The time spent reading it, whatever you think of your own website will give you a massive return on your investment.
Simon Chaplin, Managing Director , Greenstones Accountants
This brilliantly useful report is classic Paul Shrimpling… research based, immensely practical and extremely valuable.
Steve Pipe , Author of 'The World's Best Accountancy Practices'


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