​​​​You would know you were onto something big if you invoiced £650,000 in your first trading year.

Back in 1997 Julie was a stay-at-home mum to two toddlers. Children were her love and as a former teacher, they were also her passion. Julie had an idea, which was to set up a business following her passion – doing what she knew well – working with children.

It was something she could work around her own family commitments and needed little outside help.

Her idea took shape and she created her brand name and logo using her children’s crayons whilst at the kitchen table one night. The business was set up with some savings she and her husband Bill had put away. With a little over £10,000 investment she started up from the basement of her house, with recording equipment she borrowed from a neighbour.

A year later the business had billed £650,000.

It was a simple idea, a simple logo ... a simple business!

Sometimes the simple ideas are the best. She put into practice what she knew from her experiences of being a mother and teacher. To put it simply – Julie made it “Child’s play”.

Julie Aigner-Clark founded her business with a video book called “Baby Einstein” a simple video showing a variety of toys and visuals set to music. It appealed to babies and young children. It appealed to the parents of these children always keen to invest in their children’s future.

Her brand was easy to recognise, easy to identify and she was able to cross-sell new products quickly to their target market...

Julie went on to sell her brand Baby Einstein. 20% she sold in 2000 to entertainment companies and the Disney wanted in and brought the remaining 80% in 2001. From humble beginnings, by 2009 the brand was estimated to be worth £400m based on revenues.

Disney went on to add to the range of DVD’s and books under the Baby Einstein brand. Even though Julie stepped away, her idea lived on and continued to grow (just as children do).

Should you take a look in Mothercare or Babies-R-Us you will no doubt see a fantastic selection of Disney Baby Einstein books, toys and DVD’s! Proof her idea is still as popular today.

A successful brand worked!

One in three homes with babies and young children now own a Baby Einstein product in the United States. And these products are published in over 30 different languages, making this a world-wide hit.

So what about your firm’s promise?

You have your accountancy business. You are doing what you love and what you do well. But could you and your firm improve your brand, your logo and your promise to business owners?

The brand and logo of “Baby Einstein” brilliantly and simply makes a promise in two words.

What should your firm’s brand, logo and strap line promise your business owner clients and prospects? Or is it strong enough already?

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