If a meeting fails to pay off for your client it means your client will start to question the value and worth of working with you and your firm.

However, make your meetings pay off for your clients and you accelerate the success of your firm.

You also make it harder for your competition to get a look in.

It’s simple.

Join our ‘Client Meeting Webinar’ and you’ll discover:

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1. Start as you mean to go on – learn how to brilliantly start a meeting so that you get off on the right foot rather than starting weakly on the wrong foot (and undermine the rest of your meeting)

  • Your time and your client’s time is precious so you must know how to easily shift from small talk to the meeting proper any time you like
  • Use the single best sentence to get your client involved from the start avoiding any awkward and long-winded introduction
  • See how you give every meeting structure so that your client trusts that you know what you’re doing
  • Use 6 words to give you control of every meeting no matter how difficult a meeting you’re having

2. The 4 big wins at stake – fail to make client meetings work well for you and your client, you fail to capitalise on the 4 big wins possible from every client meeting

  • Client loyalty goes down if your meetings are anything other than valuable for your clients – better client meetings result in fewer clients leaving you
  • Valuable client meetings generate more recommendations and referrals and help your firm grow fees and profits
  • Client meetings that pay off for clients can often result in extra services being bought – a weak client meeting rarely results in additional services being bought
  • And if your client meetings are weak you’ll find it much harder to increase fees for the services already being bought – but a valuable client meeting can often result in happier clients paying you more

3. Finish strong – the way you wrap up your meetings can profoundly influence the loyalty of your clients and determine whether you get referrals and cross sales too.

  • Discover two questions that ultimately determine your firm’s ability to retain clients and win more referrals

4. Obsess about a few KPIs – and see how you create a solid foundation for your firm’s improved success in a quarterly reporting Making Tax Digital world

If you’ve seen or heard Paul before you’ll know the webinar will be practical, packed with proven insights and delivered in an entertaining way.

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Join this webinar and you’ll improve your client meeting skills and as a result you’ll improve your firm’s fees, profits and capital value:

  • This webinar is designed to remind you of client meeting best-practice and build on what you already know about running great client meetings
  • This webinar is designed to give you the four big wins available in every client meeting
  • This webinar will provide new insights so that you and your colleagues run better meetings with clients (and future clients) and so build the firm you want

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