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Does this 3-part view of the world of accountancy ring true for your firm in 2018?
  • 1
    Cloud accounting, apps galore, mobile tech, making tax digital (and soon you’ll have block-chain and much more) all reshaping the way your accountancy firm works - are you already seeing big profit improvements from the use of these technologies?
  • 2
    These technology changes mean your people have to work differently too - have you got all your people embracing the changes and making your life as the leader of your firm easier and less stressful?
  • 3
    Plus, the advance of technology is reducing the time needed for producing accounts - are you starting to generate fees and profits from other services like business advisory?
Very fe​​​w firms can answer ‘yes’ to all 3 questions.
What can you do about it now?

Most firms can’t say – yes I have it all sorted– because they are time scarce in their firm, are regularly fire-fighting filing deadlines or don’t have enough people resource to make all the changes they know they should be making.

If this sounds familiar why not try something that’s already working for firms just like yours:

It’s worked very well from our firm’s point of view ‘cause we knew we wanted to make changes for MTD particularly ...we needed the driver to help us change.

Ian Gillard - Director at Petherick and Gillard

Without the accountability process there is no development and it will always drift.

Kevin Barratt - Director at Thompsons Accountants

I was a bit scared of doing it (3-tier pricing), so we kind of half did it but now we’ve got it and we do it for all new clients, it’s really really big. Everyone pays more than you expect they would want to.”

Lisa Brown - Partner at Accounting Workshop

These 3 firms are from the current Accountants Growth Academy group.  
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