If Rolls Royce can adopt a radically different way of promoting and charging for their aero-engines – can’t you adopt a different way of promoting and selling accountancy services?

From the article, here’s what RR are doing…

“Rolls Royce sells more than cars; they also sell airplane engines. When they revised their sales model and started charging service fees based on “uptime” (the actual time the engines are flying in the air), their airline customers were thrilled. Airlines prefer to pay as their own cash comes in from their passengers and cargo instead of buying an engine up-front. Rolls Royce sells “hot air out of the back of the engine,” not the actual engines.”

So what? How can you take this insight and apply it your accountancy firm?

You could actively seek out different ways of charging based on the value you deliver to your clients? What else could you do?

You could also take another insight from this article…

“Customers usually buy and use products within a broader context to solve complex problems or meet broader needs. The goal is simple: Create new services that complement what you’re already successfully doing and that extend the value you provide. Ask yourself: What else can I do that reinforces what I’m selling? What can I help my customers do, learn, or experience that ties to what I’m already doing?”

How could you extend one of your accountancy services – how about management accounts – and make it more valuable, more relevant, more useful to clients?

Here’s the article: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1671633/how-to-think-about-turning-your-products-into-services?goback=.gmp_3370934

You face three opportunities according to this piece:

1. ‘Servicize’ what you’re doing (more)
2. ‘Expand’ what you’re already doing
3. ‘Digitize’ what you’re doing

How have you extended or expanded what your accountancy firm does so it becomes more appealing to your business owner clients?

How could you learn from RR approach to making their aero-engines deliver ROI to customers?

What other ideas does this piece bring to mind?

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