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Your biggest results come from choosing what to stop doing.

Yes, you read that right! 🙂

It’s not about what you start doing it’s about what you stop doing that most influences your firm’s success!

A real life example

Geppetto’s is a toy store which has clearly decided NOT to sell plastic toys, or toys with batteries. Their toys stimulate a childs imagination.

No plastic, no batteries instantly differentiates them from every other toy store including the ‘category killers’ Toys R Us. It is THE  reason behind their success. What are you going to stop doing?

A real life accountancy example

I recently visited a firm struggling to implement a well thought out action plan. A plan of things which would improve both the through-put of accounts jobs AND increase their conversion rate of new high-value prospects. Not until the two partners decided what to stop doing did they free up enough time to do what needed to be done to improve the firm’s results.

Complex this is not. But it is the issue that holds most partners and most firms back from the success they might otherwise achieve. What are you going to stop doing?

Action please

Why don’t you sit back and identify three things you could/should stop doing? Work out who else could do them and – like Sir John Harvey Jones (of ICI fame) repeatedly says:

“Only do, what only you can do”

I’m choosing to stop everything this weekend and take a long break with my family.

Tally ho!

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