Every accountancy firm's dream?

No tax returns in January!

Tax season will never be the same again...

There’s no reason for the January 31st tax return deadline to be stressful ever again.

Many firms have worked out how to complete most of their tax returns before January even starts.

Many more firms have profoundly reduced the number they do in January. 

You can too... 

  • 1
    in January
  • 2
    to get tax returns done
  • 3
    by doing their tax return so close to the deadline
  • 4
    in favour of hitting the tax return deadline for other clients

How other firms are doing...


“As a firm we have had less tax returns to complete in January every year for the last 3 years. 

I personally have completed less than 20 in January this year, less than half of the number last year.

My target for January 2021 is zero!”

Wayne Hockley, Partner, Anthony Russel, Accountants and Advisors, Essex


A telephone conversation with Marc on Monday 13th January at 4pm proves what’s possible (Marc runs a sole-owner accountancy firm with 305 tax returns).

Of 305 tax returns Marc and his small team had only 4 returns to complete when they started back at work after Christmas. Marc’s team’s efforts in January were focused on their clients’ start of the new year.

“Our new recruits think it’s amazing that we get to January and have almost no tax returns to do”

Marc Lawson, Owner, BusinessVision, Accountants and Advisors, Devon

Join our Tax Return Workflow Programme on ​21 ​April 2020 in Birmingham...

...and set your firm up for better client care, stronger client loyalty and a less stressed (and more impressed) team...

...all because you manage your tax return workflow better. 

​Why start this in ​April? Because the self assessment software updates will be happening and you can be starting

your new approach to tax return completion from May onwards.

​Join us in ​April and you can get on top of your tax returns just like Wayne and Marc and ​their teams have done:

Improve client care and secure your firm's future

Clients who know their tax obligations earlier have ​more time to get the cash together to pay their tax.

Contrast this with letting them know the tax they owe with only a few weeks or a few days ​before the tax return deadline.

Knowing what’s to pay earlier, means better client care. Better client care results in client loyalty. Client loyalty secures your firm’s fees and profits.

Safeguard your team’s loyalty and stability...

​Recruiting and keeping a high quality team is one of the biggest pressures on accountancy firms.

The firm that manages a steady flow of tax return completions ​ proves to their team that they are organised and determined to avoid stressful work periods.

This gives you a competitive edge when recruiting and keeping quality team members.

Reduce costs and improve your efficiency...

In the table below you see Rob reduce his tax returns from 550 in January 2018 to 350 in January 2020.

What’s more impressive is that Rob’s done this with fewer people ​in the tax team.

Adam, with 650 tax returns, has almost halved his January returns from 600 to 305 and stopped paying out overtime in January (he pays a bonus instead, to thank his team).

Time to think, plan and embrace technology...

A well-ordered tax return workflow, from May to December, influences your annual accounts work ​schedule too.

A well-ordered tax return and  accounts workflow results in free time across your firm.


​Free up this time and you create the opportunity to better use technology, prepare your firm for even greater gains in client care, team stability, profitability and reduces stress and hassle further.

Yes you'll have challenges to overcome…

...but they've mostly been overcome by other firms who ​will show you the way. 

For example:

“Our clients will never change – they’ll always wait ‘til January!”

Look at the ​three other firms mentioned below, their numbers and their clients HAVE changed.

These firms are in Sussex, Gloucestershire and the Midlands. Are your clients going to be any different?

The systems and processes you apply to your tax return workflow are what matter. Your clients (most of them) will do what you ask of them, if you ask them in the right way.

Too many clients from too many firms have moved their tax return completions to earlier in the year – the same strategies these firms use can work for your firm too.

Clients they thought would always delay and delay ‘til January get their data to them November, September and even as early as May.

The Tax Return Workflow Workshops will show you how.

“Our team like the tax return challenge in January!”

​Yes, accountants are simply brilliant at hitting deadlines.

Deadlines create a crystal clear ‘line-in-the-sand’ that everyone can aim for.

On the Tax Return Workflow Workshops you’ll see how you use deadlines differently and work with your team (and clients) to create a steady flow of tax return work throughout the year.

A crystal-clear goal, a clear deadline, a finite number of team members and limited hours to do the work and most of your team will rally around such a goal – the workshop will show you how to put this to work throughout the year.

Here are more results from other firms:

​Total tax returns

​Jan 2018

​Jan 2019

​Jan 2020
















** IMPORTANT:  Rob's firm had two less team members helping complete tax returns for the Jan 31st 2020 returns, which makes their progress to 350 returns in January significant.

THE Tax ReTURN WORKFLOW PROGRAMME price - £473 ​x 4 months + VAT PER ​FIRM

 10% Early Bird discount until ​31/3/20


What do you get for your money?

First – please ​bring up to 3 of your team...

Bring 1 or 2 or even 3 of your colleagues so that, together, we can work through all the issues and challenges you expect from changing your tax return workflow (the price includes up to 4 attendees from your firm). You can bring more if you wish (extra team members will simply cost you the day delegate rate at the venue).

It’s better you’re involved together at the workshops, rather than you returning to your firm and trying to persuade your colleagues what needs to be done. We’ve heard most of the challenges before and helped firms overcome these. We’ve learned that it pays to get your team involved from the ‘get-go’.

​Meet the people who've made January a breeze in their firm...

​At the 1st kick-start workshop you’ll meet the people from a firm who have made the tax workflow changes.

You’ll then be able to quiz them on the reality of their experiences and how they overcame the challenges they faced. This is why it's important you bring one or more of your team along to hear their stories, difficulties and insights.

We'll use their inspiration and practical insight to help you see past the challenges and plan your next steps to controlling the flow of tax return completions in your firm.

2 x workshops, 4 x support calls make sure you follow through...

​It's easy to get inspired - we will make sure you are inspired.

However it's action and follow through that matters most so that you build both the skills and systems needed. So we'll get together twice as a group and also have 2 x 1-on-1 support calls with you to help ensure you overcome any issues unique to your firm. 2 additional group support calls means you get to share your progress and issues with the other firms on the programme and tap into their learning too.


  • 1 x Kick start workshop – with a guest firm who has already radically reduced or removed tax returns from January on April 21st
  • 1 x Review and next steps workshop – working together with the other firms in the workshop you’ll get another chance to ‘grill’ a different firm that has achieved control of their tax return workflow.  You'll be able to quiz them about challenges you may be experiencing in implementing the changes as they'll likely have had the same challenges - in late June date TBA.
  • 2 x Accountability and support calls (1-on-1 video call) – You’ll commit to ‘scripted next steps’ at both workshops. The accountability and support calls provide the deadlines for action and support and insight to take the next steps so that you achieve your goal of a stress-free January in 2021. These 2 video calls will be booked with you to follow-on each of the 2 workshops.
  • 2 x group support calls to share insights, challenges and discuss next steps ​these are designed to ​nurture support and encourage you and your fellow participants.

​as a result of the programme you get:

  • ​Money back certainty it will work – Reduce​ your January tax returns by at least 30% or we'll happily give you all your money back
  • Less Stress – Reduced working hours in January (get your evenings and weekends back, for ever!)
  • Reduced risk of lost clients ​- because they know sooner their tax requirements and you are more organised​​​
  • Better client care - Improved loyalty and the resulting uplift in client referrals
  • Prove to yourself and your team - you can change and create a better working environment for your valuable team members

IMPORTANT: If as a result of doing the things the programme suggests, you don't reduce your tax returns​ by at least 30% you can have all your money back...

Timing is everything...

You’ll have felt relief on Feb 1st that all your tax returns ​were complete.

​It makes sense to ​get your self assessment tax return goals and commitments ​in place by the start of May. IF you've got your plans already in place we will review these at the April workshop, if you haven't then the workshop will help you formulate your plan.

Here’s how the schedule works to ensure you succeed in transforming your tax return workflow:

  • ​Start by booking a call with our team to review your current self assessment tax return workload and workflow processes and run through the details of the programme and answer any questions you have ​​​​​- GO HERE TO GET A CALL BOOKED
  • The 1st kick-start tax return workflow programme needs to be soon after you’ve recovered! We are planning the 1st workshop on ​WEDNESDAY ​21ST APRIL - BIRMINGHAM 
  • The 1st of two 1-on-1 accountability video calls with you to support the 'scripted-next-steps' you commited to at the kick-start workshop on March 18th - THE 1ST CALL WILL BE WITHIN 3 WEEKS OF WORKSHOP 1
  • We’ll then meet again at the 2nd workshop in June to share experiences, challenges and insights across the firms involved. You’ll also get to meet another firm who’s ‘done it’ and get another feet-on-the-street perspective about how it’s done
  • We’ll then agree another 1-on-1 accountability video call with you to help you fine tune your increasingly successful tax return workflow
  • And during the process we'll have two group video calls to get feedback and support from everyone involved (including other firms who have already made the changes and are experiencing the results)

Your easy 'get out of jail' card!

If, after you’ve attended the 1st Kickstart workshop, you don’t think this programme will benefit your firm we’ll happily refund your investment. This gives you an easy, risk-free way to road test the programme - just come to workshop 1.

And remember: You still have the full-programme guarantee that, if as a result of doing the things the programme suggests, you don’t reduce your tax returns by at least 30% you can have all your money back.

Paul Shrimpling

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for a series of workshops and accountability support calls 

About the programme leaders

About Paul Shrimpling:

For 18 years Paul has worked exclusively with ambitious accountants in practice, helping them grow fees, profits and capital value.  

At the core of everything Paul does with firms is the need to ​connect your team up to the numbers that matter (KPIs) in your firm. Building valued client relationships, efficient production and ​ the retention and improvement of ​valued team members then underpins the success of your firm.

About Douglas Aitken:

Doug’s passion is to shift the accountancy industry, helping ambitious accountants to humanise the numbers and to be that indispensable business partner to their clients.

As well as assisting with the Accountants Growth Academy workshops Doug carries out the accountability ​support calls, ensuring you and your team develop workshop knowledge into skill and then into habit, ingraining the right behaviours to effect lasting change.

Is this Tax Return Workflow Programme right for your firm?

Too many firms have already massively reduced their January tax-return headache and gained a competitive advantage for their firm. A recent visit to a firm in Kent proved that YOU can do the same and set your firm up for greater client care, greater client loyalty and greater team loyalty too.

You get 2 x money back guarantees because we’re so confident you can apply the same strategies these other firms have applied to their firms and their clients. Simply go here and sign up and together 2020/21 tax season will be oh-so-different.


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