The short article below refers to the human aspect of being a managing director from an interview with Martijn de Lange, CEO of parcel delivery firm Hermes UK.

I know – nothing to do with running an accountancy firm!

However it resonated with me after recently discussing the question in the headline with several managing partners at a managing partners inner circle meeting we host.

With teams of between 30 and 70 people these managing partners were seeking insight, clarity and confirmation they were on the right track.

All agreed that they were responsible for the strategic direction of their respective firms.

All also agreed that they were ultimately responsible for the process and people improvement across their firm – albeit others have to be the implementers of these improvements.

What struck me about this brief article is the simple human touch that also sits with every managing partner.

“There’s value in walking the floor” says Hermes UK CEO Martijn de Lange.

Here’s the article in Management today – you’ll have to register to read it but I think it brings to life the value of the human touch.

If you’ve got the human touch ‘sorted’ in your firm and you’re wondering how to bring a stronger strategic focus to achieving your firm’s goals check out this Bitesize Business Breakthrough on Good Strategy