The aim of effective email marketing is to grow your firm’s email lists, grow relevant visits to your firm’s website and in turn increase your client base.

These 3 things will grow your firm and your profits…

Your firm may be using email marketing to let your clients know about your products and services, but are you actively driving your clients to your firm’s website from your emails?

If the email you send is information only and has no further action required, the chances are your firm’s email contact list is not growing and the visits to your website remain low.

So how can you grow your client email list?

By using lead magnets…

A lead magnet isa specific chunk of value (content) that solves a specific problem for a specific market that is offered in exchange for a name and email address’

For example, if you want people to read your latest case study, then you put details of the case study and a link in the email. The link asks for their name and email address, as soon as they have filled this in they get an immediate download of the material.

Your Lead Magnet must be exciting, consumable and offer great value all within five minutes of the opt-in (when your visitor enters their contact details).

When your website uses lead magnets in a smart and effective way it will help you achieve 2 things:

  • Your list numbers will grow
  • You will learn more about the people on your list and what interests them, helping you refine the emails you send to them in the future.

Click here to learn more about the intrinsic value of lead magnets to the success of your email marketing and therefore your accountancy firm.