If a 3-year-old can ask an obvious question, then can’t we all ask great questions?

On a sunny winter’s day in 1943 Jennifer (3-years old) asked her Dad a question.  Edwin Land had just taken Jennifer’s picture with his favourite camera when she piped up:

“Why can’t I see the picture you’ve taken right now?”

Like most 3-year-olds Jennifer didn’t want to wait!

Jennifer’s ‘breakthrough’ question stayed with Edwin and resulted in the first Polaroid camera in 1948.

This single breakthrough question generated 14 million polaroid camera sales and £1.1 billion (in 1948) or £3.7 billion in today’s money!

So how can you create a breakthrough question or idea that will bring a profound reward in your accountancy firm?

There’s a proven 3-question formula so that you and your colleagues can create simple, valuable and innovative questions that will really shake things up!

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