Why bamboo?


Bamboo sunlight

…is the perfect metaphor for Remarkable Accountancy Practice for three reasons:

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[slidecaption] 1. Bamboo is a grass.[/slidecaption]

[slidecontent]It takes 2 to 3 years for the root system to get fully established and during this time there’s a small amount of bamboo growth. It takes time to establish the grass roots.[/slidecontent]

[slidecaption] 2. Then it goes potty![/slidecaption]

[slidecontent]The bamboo then grows to the height of two houses – more than 60 feet – in one growing season that’s less than 4 months long. It’s been recorded at growing 119cm in one 24 hour period – compared with Dominic (my youngest son) who took 6 years to get that tall! Remarkable growth is possible if you have your grass roots in place![/slidecontent]

[slidecaption] 3. The Chinese believe…[/slidecaption]

[slidecontent]that a bamboo grove is the safest haven during an earthquake because the rhizome grass roots of the bamboo hold the earth together – the chasms associated with a quake will go round or underneath the bamboo roots. During tumultous times grass roots will protect you. And here’s one more…[/slidecontent]

[slidecaption] 4. A lesson from Nagasaki[/slidecaption]

[slidecontent]Even the horrors of the atomic bomb at Nagasaki could not prevent the bamboo growing back to the height of two houses the year after the blast. Even after a disaster strong grass roots can get you going again very quickly.[/slidecontent]

OK so you were expecting three reasons.

And you got four.


Because Bamboo-like Marketing delivers more than was expected.

It’s one of the grass roots of great marketing. Actually it’s two…

A. Establish crystal clear expectations from your clients

B. Create and develop your systems to deliver more than they were expecting.

Simple stuff – but not so easy.

It takes considerable time, effort and energy to create and build the processes that enable you to surpass clients’ expectations.

So why bother?

Because this ‘wholistic’ and ‘congruent’ approach to marketing fits with being a ‘trusted adviser’ – as David Maister would call you.

It also sounds like you’d be laying the grass roots of future.

SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS – which is why Bamboo is a great metaphor for becoming a remarkable accountancy practice.

Worth the effort, don’t you think?

If you want to find out more about bamboo go to:


Book Of Bamboo David Farrelly

You could also buy David Farrelly’s book ‘The Book of Bamboo’. In it he describes that bamboo has been measured to grow 47.6 inches in a 24-hour period.

But what’s most remarkable is that eight-inch diameter, 60 to 80 foot tall bamboos have reached that height in one growing season, which might have been as short as two months.

Other sources specify it was a Japanese scientist who measured the growth of a Phyllostachys bambusoides.

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