From the spring of 2020 we were forced by the global pandemic to very quickly (overnight almost), adjust the way many of us work.

For some businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors the pandemic meant working from home was a non-starter as their business type and model meant that this adjustment could not be made.

For many other businesses, the change meant that all of their team were now working from home indefinitely.

So how has your accountancy firm adjusted to this change and to the remote working environment?

If I had asked you before Covid-19 how you felt about all of your team working from home, what would have been your response?

Many business owners and managers were not in favour of it, believing that some members of their team used it as an excuse to work less, or ‘have a day off’ and that the work done at home would not be as good as the work achieved in the office.

Maybe you felt like this?

However, the concerns and fears that many managers had about their team working from home have not always materialised.

The work has got done, deadlines have been met and the team have adapted to the new ways of working and communicating together.

So now as things start to get back to something closer to normality than many of us have seen from some time, how have your teams working patterns changed...

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