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Why risk your firm’s future growth by not taking time to get your marketing right

“Too many emails!” - It’s easy to dismiss email marketing as a thing of the past, in fact some have even said it’s dead…

Especially with social media and the mobile way of working getting all the attention, and marketing emails flooding yours and my inbox every day…

However, statistics on email marketing performance don’t agree with this.

In fact, with a strong, relevant, targeted, content marketing approach, email marketing is more powerful than ever.

Email marketing moves the conversation about your products and services to a more personal environment — the inbox.

It is a fact that targeted, relevant email marketing is proving more and more to convert prospective clients into buyers.

Email marketing works and is far from dead!

Email marketing provides you with the most direct line of communication for better sales conversion.​

Email marketing has no intention of giving it up any time soon and can transform the profits of your accountancy firm. Click here to learn how.

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