Making marketing practical and easy to understand can be difficult. Marketing consultants would like us all to think that marketing is complex. It doesn’t have to be complex. For example:

Doesn’t it follow that…

…the strength of your firm’s offer to business owners is critically important to your accountancy firm’s sales and marketing results?

Your firm’s offer to business owners determines how many business owners choose to work with your accountancy firm. And how many choose to stay too!

So, does your firm have a strong offer or a weak offer? Does your firm appeal to business owners in a way that means they choose your firm rather than the firms you compete with?

More importantly…

…what do you do to make your firm’s offer stronger and more likely to help you win more clients?

Here are three criteria that help you determine the strength of your firm’s offer:

1. The extent to which you are dramatically different from other accountants

2. The extent to which your offer blatantly delivers relevant value to business owners

3. The extent to which you prove that your offer is real

Doug Hall is recognised for building his ‘Eureka’ approach to assessing how likely an offer is to succeed.

High scores on all three criteria give high sales and marketing results. Low scores typically achieve very little.

‘Eureka’ offers with high scores for these three criteria have proved to be genuine sales and marketing successes – Nestle, Disney, Avon, Johnson & Johnson applaud Doug Hall’s approach. So should you and your firm.

So what are your scores on the ‘Eureka’ doors?

How do you and your firm score on a scale of 1 to 10 on these three criteria?

Multiply the 3 scores together and gauge how strong your offer is.

How does your firm stack up against these two example scores?

Score 1Score 2Your firm’s score
1. dramatically different 6 8
2. blatantly delivers relevant value 8 10
3. proof that your offer is real 4 8

6 x 8 x 4 = 194 out of a possible 1000 suggests this firm needs to do lots of work urgently.

8 x 10 x 8 = 640 out of a possible 1000 suggests this firm is OK but a 1-point improvement on proof takes the score over 700.

What’s your score?

Which aspect of your offer requires the most attention? Which aspect of your offer could you most easily improve to get some quick easy wins for your firm?

Practical next steps for your firm…

Make a decision.

Are you going to improve the one thing that’s easiest to improve in the shortest time?

Or are you going to improve the one thing that’s holding you back the most?

I know which one I’d choose if I were running your firm’s marketing. The 4-page download below points to the one thing I believe is generally lacking and also easy to improve for most accountancy firms.

Do something. Choose one then obsess about improving this by 1, 2 or 3 points to make your firm’s offer much stronger in the next 13 weeks. Improve this by 1, 2 or 3 points and you improve your firm’s ability to win more new clients.

Then, as it says on the shampoo bottles, ‘rinse and repeat’. Run this process again and find the next thing to obsess about so your firm’s offer gets stronger and stronger.

​Read more about the Eureka system here 

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