Future Finest Leadership Programme

How important are the communication, leadership and management skills of your team?

In short, the future success of your firm depends on it...

Here's Alison Blackler, founder of 2minds and a Remarkable Practice Associate. Alison describes the value your firm achieves when you develop the 'softer' communication skills vital for leading and managing your team and clients...

In a world where recruitment and the retention of good people is harder than ever, it pays to invest seriously in what most people call the soft skills, that are paradoxically quite hard!

This is where the Future Finest programme can help you and your team...

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Because the development of your leaders and managers is so important to the future of your firm, it makes sense to talk through what you're thinking and what you need and how we might be able to help...

Or, if you prefer, read below a few comments from firms already using the Future Finest Leadership Programmes and read how the programme might work for your firm...

Ben Chernoff

Davis Grant,


"We have a good growing firm and we do a great job of looking after clients.

But we've been wondering if we should be doing more? More to skill-up our managers and directors so that we can work better together and work better with clients too.

After just one session it became clear that we have a way to go!

However, we are already seeing our shortcomings and seeing ways to work better together. I'm now more confident than ever that this programme will help our firm succeed by getting the best from each other."

Rob Whittall

Dyke Yaxley USA, Shrewsbury UK & Cleveland USA

"One of our core values is “embrace a healthy work life”, which has become more challenging over the past two years of the new COVID world.

We already had 2 offices in 2 different time zones prior to Covid, and now to add onto those challenges we now have remote employees. We were concerned that our keep it human, keep it personal culture may suffer and become fragmented.

However, by working with Alison and Paul, those fears have not come true. By having our team engage with group sessions alongside the 1 to 1’s have made for a stronger, more skilled and more dynamic team.

Having engaged with the Future Finest process, I am excited about the future of the firm and the team and I believe our clients directly benefit from the process.

Harsh but true?

If you fail to grow your people, you'll fail to grow your firm. 

Similarly - succeed at growing your people and you'll succeed at growing your firm.

Technical CPD just isn't enough...

Most firms already encourage people at different levels to expand their technical knowledge through exams, qualifications and CPD. But what about the knowledge and skills that result in stronger client meetings or stronger management and leadership of the team?

Can you achieve a sustainable competitive advantage because your firms technical savvy is better than other firms? Unlikely, unless you have a unique niche or unique skill. There's always another firm who can provide the technical insight you can provide.

On the other hand you can build a sustainable competitive advantage if your people are better at working together, better at communicating, better at responding to clients, better at running meetings, better at managing difficult conversations, better at holding people to account for their results and their actions.

This is why the Future Finest programme zeros-in on building stronger communication skills...

How does the Future Finest programme work?

You'll either choose to join in the open programme with people from other firms or go for a specific programme bespoke for your firm. The more people you want involved in the programme the more likely you'll go for a programme for your firm only.

You'll learn about the way your mind works, how to better approach your own personal challenges, increase self-awareness, improve communication with others and work towards solutions that benefit everyone across your firm.

As more people in your firm get involved you'll build a common language and common frameworks for communicating and leading others (and yourself).

Because the programme is founded on neuroscience, neuro-linguistics and cognitive behavioural therapy you can be confident of getting the results you want for yourself, your team and your firm.

About The Course Leaders

Alison Blackler


Alison's 24 years in the NHS as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, and then her experiences working with prisoners means she understands how people-change works. Alison has successfully translated these experiences and insights into the corporate world working with the likes of Sainsburys and BMW in the UK. Now working with many accountancy firms Alison is well-placed to help you grow the leadership and management skills of your team.

"Seeing people discover that working with others doesn't have to be so difficult, leading others doesn't have to be so stressful, and seeing them make tangible progress is amazingly satisfying. It can be big leap to invest in people skills for firms of accountants but it's a leap that can pay off for everyone in the firm"

Alison leads the Future Finest programmes for Remarkable Practice. We hope you're tempted to investigate further how the Future Finest programmes might pay off for your firm - please click below to take the next step...

Paul Shrimpling


Alison brings the science and the people savvy to the Future Finest programmes. Douglas and Paul bring the practical insights from working with accountants for more than 25 years (between them).

"I've been saying for years 'if you don't grow your people you won't grow your firm'. Now with Alison's expert help you can tap into the leadership and communication skills that drive change, drive action and ultimately secure a bright future for your firm."

If you're ambitious for your people and believe you should be investing in the 'soft' skills then let's talk about Future Finest. It's a little odd that most firms ignore these softer but massively important skills of dealing with people. It's these skills that could give your firm a sustainable competitive advantage in recruiting and keeping high-quality team members and clients.

Douglas Aitken


Douglas always has one eye on the future of the firms we work with. The other eye is on helping ambitious accountants humanise the numbers with more than just knowledge and insight. Developing the human skills so that you get better at dealing with people can only be a good thing for accountancy firms.

"Accountants are brilliant with numbers. But because the people they work with are so vital (both team members and clients) it's vital their people skills are brilliant too. Alison's ability to share practical action-focussed ways of improving the people skills has shifted many firms we work with so that they genuinely humanise the numbers in their firm."

Douglas is serious about your firm's success, which is why you'll hear him refer constantly to the next steps and accountability check-ins needed to make sure your new people skills build into healthy habits that underpin your firm's future success.

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Because their development is so important to the future of your firm, it makes sense to talk through what you're thinking and what you need and how we might be able to help...