Your Firm’s Strategic Health

Build your firm’s strategic health and well-being...

What are you doing to secure a healthy future for your team, your firm and your firm’s clients?

Ambitious accountants take strategic health seriously...

Many firms think and plan for the next 12 months or next financial year, but they ignore their longer term and ignore their big picture.

As a result, these firms miss out on the strategic thinking, decisions and action that helps firms build the firm of the future they really want to own, lead and manage.

Why not measure your firm’s strategic health to see how you measure up against other firms?
Click the button below to take the Strategic Health Questionnaire (you'll complete it in under 10 mins).  
When you do you'll be asked a number of questions connected with the 8 areas of strategy.  You'll then get a personalised report to help you build strategic health into your firm from tomorrow!

The 8 questions of strategy help...

Consulting with over 100 accountancy firms over many years have contributed to the thinking behind the 8 questions of strategy.

Plus the research and experiences of the likes of Gallup, McKinsey and other world-renowned advisory firms signpost lots of evidence about the value of strategic health.

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Working together on your strategic health...

Douglas, Paul and Alison have worked with ambitious accountancy firms of all shapes and sizes on building organisational health – all so that the owners and teams create firms they can be deep-down proud of. 

The 8 questions of strategy, when taken seriously, have a positive impact on both the people and the results of these firms. 

Vicky Link

Byrd + Link, Cheltenham

"Having trained and worked my way up the ranks in a strong regional firm it felt like a massive leap to leave and start out afresh, just the two of us.

We wanted to avoid the mistakes most new firms make, to grow fast, but in the right way. So we said yes to working on strategy with Paul and Doug.

Getting clear on our firm's core purpose and core values have made key-decisions obvious and easier. As a result growth has come faster than we planned but it's with the right clients, clients that fit what we stand for. Not surprisingly we are very excited about the future."

Adam Hickie

Lucrafts, Sussex

"Working with Paul over the last few years has been an absolute game changer.

For the first few years of being a partner I was firefighting.

Most recently we have been developing a new strategy for the whole business; taking us from three sole traders with a shared overhead to a cohesive business with a shared purpose. It feels great! By using the strategy process with Doug and Paul we are seeing how we can shape a better business and a better life for our team, our clients and the firm as a whole.
Never before have we achieved such clarity and agreement about where we are going and what sort of work we want the firm to do.

Subarna Banerjee

UHY, London

"Being new to the role of Managing Partner I was determined to be clear on where we were taking the firm.

This required clear thinking and more than anything else getting committed engagement from ExCo and the wider team was essential.

I'm pleased to say that all 255 team members now knows what the firm's vision is, and what the firm's core values and behaviour standards are. Even more important we are starting to build a real sense of focus on the firms core purpose - it really is starting to come to life in every meeting and every aspect of the business."

The 8 questions, and your answers, can have a similar impact on your firm:

KEY QUESTION 1 - How will your firm’s strategy deliver on your personal goals?
KEY QUESTION 2 - What do you and your firm stand for?
KEY QUESTION 3 - What does success look like at your firm?
KEY QUESTION 4 - How must you and your colleagues behave?
KEY QUESTION 5 - Where is the business now?
KEY QUESTION 6 - Where is the world moving to?
KEY QUESTION 7 - What matters most to your clients?
KEY QUESTION 8 - What is your without-fail focus this quarter?

If you’d like to talk to Douglas or Paul about your firm’s strategic health complete the strategic health questionnaire now and then book a call to talk your strategic health results through. NB We promise to leave you in control of seeking a call. You’ll be offered an opportunity to book a call when you get the results from your strategic health survey, it’s up to you if you do.

What’s holding your firm back?

Before we answer this question it’s worth pointing out that your firm will already be doing plenty of things right strategically.

But what holds most firms back from working more on strategy, is a sense of being overwhelmed by the essential day-to-day work of tax, accounts, audit and other related tasks. Not to mention the workload from client emails, calls and meetings and the pressures that come from leading a team of people, oh and the compliance requirements you must meet.

Investing time and effort in good strategy can feel like a stretch too far for many firms, despite the fact that good strategy could be the way out of that sense of overwhelm.

Good strategy can and should help resolve key challenges, bring sustainable competitive advantage and instil a sense of meaning and enthusiasm for the work all your stakeholders (your team, your clients, your prospects and your contacts) do.

Good strategy can and should also improve fees, profits, capital value growth and stress reduction!

Taking time out to work on and commit to your firm's strategy sets you up to reach the long-term goals you seek for your firm.

Where do you start?

The starting point is to answer some simple but informative questions (the fastest firm so far completed the survey in less than 10 minutes.) Then we can (if you wish) talk through both the big opportunities you have plus the pressing issues holding your firm back from the success you seek. 

The survey results on their own will help direct your strategic efforts.