Humanise The Numbers Podcast

Here you'll find a whole series of interviews with the leaders of accounting firms who are building (or have already built) a firm of the future now!

You'll hear key insights, key skills and key habits that underpin the success of these firms.

Insights, skills and habits that can underpin your firm's future success too.

It seems that when an accountancy firm connects their team and their clients to the numbers that really matter to them they transform the results for everyone. This is accelerated when the humanity of the way they work shines through too. That's why we're talking about ambitious accountants humanising the numbers.

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Rob Whittall

Director - Dyke Yaxley UK & US

What I like about your podcasts is that they are real. They are not scripted and I appreciate the fact that your interviewees admit they don’t have all the answers but are willing to let you put that fact out on a podcasts.

It is what is going on at the front lines of great small accounting practices.

I have now listened to about half of them, I intend listening to them all as each one has a nugget that I am writing down to see if I can use in our practice at some stage.

Robert Stell

Director at Rise Audit, Bradbury Stell Accountants and Bradbury Stell Probate Services

Just listened to your podcast with Ad Valorem.
Very interesting indeed. They are a very engaging couple and deserve the success they have. Some of the points made about how they work have inspired me a little (particularly the pods idea) and some of what they do would not be for me. We are someway behind them being only a quarter of their size, but interesting to see that that sort of growth is possible

Neil Tuson

Founder at Perfect Teams

Great overview of what entrepreneurs need to focus on to increase the value of their business – their asset. Introduces some people that can help too …

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