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Business Bitesize delivers value to it's readers

"As well as being another method of communication, Business Bitesize actually delivers value to the people who read it. And because of that we find that we get a really good response from our customers and contacts"

Andrew Price Managing Director

Sian Lloyd

Getting started with Business Bitesize was really quite simple to be honest, hassle free.

We had the initial call with Kate, the kind of demo on the website, we liked it, it struck a chord with us and to be honest it's been really simple.

We get the editions, we've got the backup log access now as well so we're just kind of building it into our systemised process in terms of newsletters and looking to take it further with business meetings introducers really, so simple.

One major area that did help was the time involved in generating the kind of newsletter/marketing material, it saved a load of time in the generation, the typing, editing of a document that is an interesting read, appeals to clients but also has a bit of substance about it, so in that respect it's really helping the marketing side so much time.

Ultimately you know it's a good product, with depth to it, and it's just something that people want to read .

So really pleased.

Sian Lloyd Director

What would you say has been the single biggest learning point from the whole Accountants Growth Academy program for you?

Probably just maintaining the focus more. It's all stuff I know we should be doing, it’s all stuff that I like doing, but the day-to-day gets in the way doesn’t it, the phone rings or you get an email and you run off and sort everybody else’s business out before you think about your own. So that’s probably the discipline to throw it back and think about the business model and what we are going to do with it.

Chris Swinton Director at Swinton Accountants

We see Business Bitesize as a very strong tool in our marketing armoury.

It's designed, it's got our logo on it, it looks like it's sort of designed in-house by us, and because of the nature of the content some of our clients think that we write it.

Because it's in an easy to read, accessible style, it's the sort of thing that they actually like to read.

One of the things that's really important to us with Business Bitesize, because we actually think that it's such a good marketing tool is that we don't want anybody else to use that in our area. It really is a differentiator, and the response that we get, well it's great, we don't want it to be diluted by having other accountants actually sending this to our professional contacts, or our clients, or our prospects. As I say we feel that the regional exclusivity is important, and we feel quite protective of it.

We feel there is nothing else out there like it.

We've looked at lots of different types of newsletters, and ways of communicating with clients, but it's something that we know actually, as well as just being a method of communication, actually delivers value to the people who read it, and because of that we find that we get a really good response to Business Bitesize.

Andrew Price Director Andrew Price Chartered Accountants

How is the Accountants Growth Academy is working for you at Swinton Accountants?

Yeah, it’s worked well, it’s helped us highlight a lot of issues that we knew we had but we, you know, it’s helped us focus on them to try and get solutions too.

Chris Swinton Director at Swinton Accountants