Seeking a competitive advantage for your firm makes good business sense. If it means you can hold an advantage over your competition for as long as you want, then it makes even more sense.

So far 34 firms in the UK have secured just such a competitive edge.

34 firms of accountants now share insightful business breakthroughs with all their clients and contacts. Once a month these firms share their own-branded ‘Business Bitesize’ reports and resources with everyone they know.

Their competition can’t follow suit because the reports are regionally exclusive to each firm.

Plus, it all happens without using any partner/director time at all.

3 new firms take the plunge…

We’re delighted to welcome 3 new firms to the Business Bitesize fold – Stark Main, Sherwoods and Swintons.

These firms have locked-out The Scottish Borders, Norwich and the Leighton Buzzard area for their firm (you can see all the areas taken and see if your area is still free here)

The most recent Business Bitesize report in each firm's branding...

Reach record business results and avoid costly mistakes...
Reach record business results and avoid costly mistakes...

These are the Stark Main and Swinton Business Bitesize reports. 

Sherwoods we can’t yet share with you as their’s goes live later this month.

There’s a number of ways you can use Business Bitesize to impress clients, prospects and introducers. Go here to see how 4 other firms put Business Bitesize to work.

Content marketing done for you

All the writing, editing, proofing and design work is done for you. All the blogs, tweets, and social media messages are written for you – so you’ll never be short of high-value content for your firm’s marketing.

For 18 of the 34 firms we even do the email distribution to all their contacts for each firm – even less for them to do. And it means every edition is distributed whether the firm is busy or not.

We’d love to talk to you about Business Bitesize but…

…you’ll probably want more information before we speak. To get more information check out this page and then request an info pack if you want to know more.

And of course feel free to call us on 01773 821689 if you’re keen to speak to Sally or Kate (they run the Business Bitesize service).

We calculate that there’s 110 areas in the UK for Business BItesize, which means a third of the areas are taken already. If you fancy taking a competitive step-up from your competitors by securing the rights to use Business Bitesize please get in touch or check out this page.