What accountant in their right mind would run an event in January? 

It would be an accountant who realises the way their business owner clients think and feel at the start of a new year. How do they feel? Here are the sort of things they will be thinking:

“Here we go again!”

“What does this new year hold for us?”

“What can we do to make this year a better one?”

Good marketing is about tapping into the conversation your clients and prospects are having in their own heads. January’s conversations are predictable. So why not run an event in January to help your clients and prospects make the most of the new year.

Most accountants will be hibernating because of their overload of tax returns.

So an event in January gives you a unique competitive edge.

Quite a number of the firms we work with are on top of their tax return processes having started them in May or June. They are well set to make an impact with an event in January if they start planning it now.

I’m working with one firm on a goal-setting workshop and will be making the slides and exercises and workbook available during November. If you’re interested please contact me directly or leave your email address below and my team will share with you how you can get your hands on it.

Paul Shrimpling

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