Make the marketing message about your accountancy firm complicated and you won’t win more clients!

The article below, about your marketing message, is a powerful one. It shows us how important delivering a simple, coherent, easy-to-understand marketing message really is.

However if your simple message is the same as every other accountant you’re also lost. If it’s the same or similar it won’t cut through the clutter every business owner faces on an hourly/daily basis.

Simple is good. Simple and Profound is better.

Make your message – your headlines – your strap line – your firm’s core message – both SIMPLE and PROFOUND and you stand a chance – a big chance.

This January article in the FT shows how a famous brand has returned to an old ‘simple and profound’ message in a new territory. They are growing at a remarkable rapid rate, one worthy of attention.

The point is the message is simple and it is profound.

How do you do the same in your accountancy firm – make your marketing message simple and profound?

Read this for some inspiration:

Paul Shrimpling