One firm we work with has categorically stated they never want to interrupt a prospect with their marketing. 

They have challenged us to help them develop a permission-based marketing-only approach to new business. They never want to be accused of interrupting a prospect like those people who call your home at 6pm to sell you something. And those annoying TV adverts are when you’re thoroughly enjoying a movie with your family or a loved one? These adverts interrupt your viewing pleasure.

The firm only wants to use permission marketing. You give permission for people to contact you, you ask them to send you stuff. You go look at their website. You join their LinkedIn group or watch their twitter feed. This is what the firm wants.

Whatever your view is (and I’d value your comments on this below) on the right type of marketing for an accountancy firm, the argument leads to one definitive conclusion. An incoming permission-only marketing inquiry is more valuable, more likely to convert, and convert quicker than an interruptive outgoing, marketing generated inquiry.

So what’s your firm actively or deliberately doing to generate incoming inquiries (without interrupting anyone)?

What’s your view on the ethics/morals of permission vs interruptive marketing for an accountancy firm?

Any other thoughts?

Paul Shrimpling

Author of ‘Bamboo Marketing For Accountants’ – the route map to marketing success for accountants in practice

Creator of ‘Business Bitesize’ – cultivating a greater flow of new clients for your accountancy firm through profitable word-of-mouth…

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