This post is about your firm’s marketing substance not sound bites, buzzwords or BS.

Let me explain...

Sometime over the summer you’ll have heard the sizzle of sausages on the barbeque. The sizzle and the smell made your mouth water for the taste of a good sausage (apologies if you’re a vegetarian, but this marketing metaphor is too strong to ignore).

If the sausages tasted good you’d have gone back for ‘seconds’ and you’d have recommended others try them.

If the sausages didn’t taste as good as the promise of the sizzle, you wouldn’t have gone back for more. You’d never have recommended them. You might even have told people to give the sausages a miss!

This post is about your firm’s marketing, it’s about: “Never mind the sizzle, where’s the sausage?”

It’s about the core fundamental offering your firm promises (sausage).

It’s not about how you promote your firm (sizzle).

What’s the point of loads of sizzle/promotion if the sausages taste rubbish? If accountants promise the earth and fail to deliver on their promise their reputation will falter and fail.

Let me be clear, I’m passionate that you should never step away from being a trusted adviser. So when marketing and selling your firm, it’s vital that you don’t do anything that makes you look anything other than trustworthy to a business owner or high net worth individual.

That said, marketing for accountancy firms should also be focussed on helping you and your accountancy firm sell more stuff (SMS).

When you have developed a core offer that genuinely appeals to your firm’s ideal clients; AND you genuinely deliver on the promise; you’ll be more successful at SMS.

Naturally any sizzle you have about your core offer will work even better when your core offer is stronger. Then you’re more likely to succeed and SMS.

Two questions then need your attention:

1. What’s your firm’s core offer to business owners?

2. How could your firm’s core offer be improved so that you SMS (sell more stuff)

It would be great to have your thoughts and answers to these two questions.

​And if you want help answering both questions please check out this 4-page report and support tools with our compliments. You’ll also find a simple 4-step process for revealing a core offer your clients would love to buy from you and your firm – check out how it worked for an interior designer, all because she asked one powerful question.