How do you best predict your future results?

If your accountancy firm lost major money for three months, one after the other, you’d be stressed. So stressed you’d be ready to do something about it. And you’d probably do something fast!

But such losses and such emotions should never happen in an accountancy firm, if you’re on top of the right KPIs.

In the 12 years we’ve been working exclusively with accountants we’ve collected KPI’s from almost every firm we’ve worked with.

We now have a list of 40 possibles. Of these 40, 19 are most the effective at helping you grow your firm’s profits and of these 19, 12 are essential in our view.

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If you want to know more about this profoundly valuable KPI idea, here’s a (FREE) 4-page report about how you can use customer-focused, healthy heartfelt KPIs so you can preserve and grow your firm’s profits and capital value (and it works for your clients too).

As experts in numbers, you’d think accountants would be remarkably good at using KPI’s to predict future performance and signpost corrective action (in their own firm as well as with clients).

And yet most accountants measure what they think is right rather than measure what matters most.

Here’s the point. Measure what matters to your customers and the health of your accountancy firm will be safe and sound. You’ll also be focusing your firm on future growth too.

Your KPIs must reflect what matters to your clients so…

…with this in mind…

What do you think are the three KPI’s in your firm that best measure success as defined by your clients?

What are the best customer-focused KPI’s for an accountancy firm?

How do they help you and your accountancy firm?

How do you use this insight with your clients?

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