Almost every accountant complains about the sheer number of demands on their time.

How many times do you get to the end of the working day still having not achieved everything you wanted to?

Looking closely at your use of time, you’ll almost certainly find an 80/20 imbalance. 

When you put this 80/20 imbalance to work for you and your firm, you can achieve more, make more profit and be more successful.

Your time is precious, and if 20% of your time generates 80% of your results, it suggests that you should:

  • Increase the time spent on the (20%) high-value work; work out how to do more of the 20% high-value activities

To do this you’ll need to free up your diary, therefore:

  • Reduce the time you invest in (80%) low-value work; work out how to stop doing the 80% low-value activities

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