Is it possible email marketing is dying?

McKinsey’s iConsumer survey reported a 20% decline in email usage between 2008-2012, as the medium surrendered ground to social networks, IM, and mobile messaging apps.

However email continues to account for a far greater share of acquired customers than social media – nearly 40x that of Facebook and Twitter combined. The article below puts a very strong case for not ignoring email marketing.

If this research is to be believed the time, energy and money your accountancy firm invests in social media could get 40x more new client fees if it was invested in email marketing!

Yes accountants and clients of accountancy firms grumble about the volume of irrelevant emails clogging up their inbox. But a 40x performance premium is hard to ignore. What’s neat about this article it sign posts the ways and means of making your email marketing pay off better for your firm. For example:

–  your accountancy firm should be obsessed with where an email sends the user – customised landing pages can generate an uplift in conversion rates of 25%

– and you better make your landing page optimised for mobiles. 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing. Worse, 40% visit a competitor’s site instead!

This article is definitely worthy of your attention and your comments below would be much appreciated:

What have you done to put email marketing to work for your firm?

Do you give more attention, time and resources to email marketing or social media?

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