What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

You may view it as a day where you pay over the odds for a card or present to remind the most important person in your life that you love them…


…your acknowledgment of this special day will probably mean more to your other half than you realise.

Taking the time to tell someone that you love them, appreciate them and value them is vital to any relationship.

If it’s important personally, should it not be important professionally?

When was the last time you picked up the phone to a client to tell them you appreciate their business?

When was the last time you met a client to discuss the relationship you have together?

When was the last the time you told a client how important their business is to the success of yours?

The L word is not used often enough, client LOYALTY is what makes your business the success it is.

Without your clients, your firm would not be profitable, it would not grow and you would not continue to make money.

Your acknowledgement of their loyalty to you will probably mean more to them than you realise.


Use the L word today and invest in letting your clients know the value of their business to the success of yours.

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