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We are delighted to share with you that Doug Aitken will be speaking from the Theatre 4 on between 9.15am and 9.45am.

When you head over to the theatre you'll hear Paul as always challenging the audience.

Specifically he'll be challenging the audience on Employee Engagement..

Amongst the questions Doug is asking in this session, he will be sharing a purpose designed benchmarking questionnaire that will give your insights into how your firm is doing on matters of strategy,

Build Employee Engagement, Build Strategy, Build a Great Firm. How To Attract and Retain Top Talent

What percentage of your team are fully engaged at work? The statistics on employee engagement make for challenging reading. For example, in the latest Gallup survey, UK ranked 33rd out of 38 countries in levels of engagement. So how can we make work more engaging, and in the process make sure we attract, retain and grow great people?

In this fast-paced session, Doug Aitken will share what the top firms are doing: 1. How being clear on your strategy can engage people 2. How you can improve engagement with a simple yet proven meeting structure and 3. Equipping your teams hold each other to account.

DOUG AITKEN  //  Theatre 4, October 12th 9.15-9.45

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Douglas Aitken


Douglas always has one eye on the future of the firms we work with. The other eye is on helping ambitious accountants humanise the numbers with more than just knowledge and insight.

"What's really needed is the advancement of new skills and new habits to transform the results of a firm, knowledge is not enough. But change can feel like a tough old grind, That's why accountability and long term strategy are vital." 

As well as contributing to the  leading the Managing Partners Inner Circle Doug has also led the Growth Academy workshops for the last 5 years