When two of the worlds thought-leaders (David Maister and Paul Dunn) select the best accountancy firm in the UK (from a shortlist of 40) it makes sense to learn more about THE firm, don’t you think?

Rob Walsh from Clear Vision Accountancy Group joined me on a call a few months back, and shared some deep-down and honest insights into three aspects of his uber-successful and uber-consistent accountancy practice.

You can access to it here now…


During this 60-minute call Rob and I discussed 3 valuable aspects of running a successful accountancy practice:

1. The management processes that deliver Rob his 13 weeks holiday per year AND class-beating partner profits from his £750K practice.

2. The core message of Rob’s practice – Clear Vision – and how it influences everything within his practice and every interaction he has with his clients and how it contributes to his success.

3. The marketing processes Rob uses to ensure he achieves his fee and profitability targets.

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