As a business leader, you make decisions every day, some are easy…

  • What time shall I organise that meeting?
  • Shall I work through my lunch?
  • Shall I visit that client tomorrow?

Some are more difficult…

  • Shall I recruit that person?
  • Shall I invest in that company?
  • Shall I take on additional clients?

What processes do you follow in making your decisions?

Or are you just on auto-pilot, without following a ‘best practice’ decision-making process?

Everyone’s decision-making tends to follow a pattern, a pattern we are unaware of and a pattern that can easily result in weaker decisions.

It can be tough to make the right decision, however, your job as a business leader is to make the right decision and avoid the pitfalls of bad decision-making.

Use the proven decision-making process outlined in this 4-page Business Bitesize to help you make better business decisions.