At Remarkable Practice we’re currently testing blanket email marketing to a freezing cold list we’ve bought (with email permission included).

We realise this is a long shot (you might call it a lottery ticket) but we have a theory we’re testing. The theory is if we send out a series of high-value and relevant communications we’ll get a more positive response. Unsubscribe rates will be lower and we’ll build credibility with the list.

Over time we’ll convert this credibility into customers, revenues and profits. If our theory is sound we’ll get an ROI on the time and money spent.

If our theory is flawed we’ll be older and wiser. We’ll be sharing the initial results in a few weeks time so you can see if this approach has possibilities for your firm.

If you’re interested in the results in detail feel free to send us a message and we’ll share the results. We’re sending out a series of emails to more than 6000 email addresses. It will take a few months to assess the full impact of this campaign but we should have some valuable insights by the time we have sent out 4 emails over a five week window.

Just wondering if your accountancy firm has experienced using similar cold lists in your marketing?

What did you send them?

And what results – positive or negative did you get?

What could the group learn from your experience?

Paul Shrimpling
Remarkable Practice

Author of ‘Bamboo Marketing For Accountants’ – the route map to marketing success for accountants in practice –

Creator of ‘Business Bitesize’ – cultivating a greater flow of new clients for your accountancy firm through profitable word-of-mouth

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