Freedom from your accountancy firm?

You probably don’t have much time to think about the future of your firm – you are busy being busy with the here and now of running it.

Right now, the running of yo

Your firm probably takes all of your time – dealing with products and services, clients, suppliers, your team, recruitment, marketing, accounts – the list goes on and on.

But taking time to plan for the future of your firm is critical to it actually having a future.

How often do you think about the future of your firm – the future for you, your team, your clients?

How often do you wish that your firm was less reliant on you?

How often do you wish that you could step away and plan for a time when you are not involved in the firm?

How often have you thought about preparing your firm for sale?

That last statement may make you gasp, and it’s perhaps something that you have not seriously contemplated, but preparing your firm for sale does not necessarily mean you have to sell it.

By preparing your firm for sale, you create more options for yourself as an owner, as well as for all the people you care about in your firm. This process allows you to run a simpler firm and build its capital value, revenue and profits.

Are you brave enough to step away from simply working IN your firm to working ON your firm?