Build stronger relationships with your team by holding them to account

Build stronger relationships with your team by holding them to account

How many times in your Accountancy firm have you turned to another manager and said, ‘We need to start holding the people in our firm to account’?

This is normally a reaction when something has gone wrong, a deadline has not been met or a client has been let down…

When a member of your team falls short or fails to live up to your expectations, you face a potentially costly conflict…these moments are risky and emotionally charged, as most people think accountability means blaming someone for poor performance or mistakes.

No wonder the word ‘accountability’ has such negative connotations. And since most people view it as something to get hit over the head with, most tend to avoid it and instead focus energy on coming up with creative excuses, blaming, or finger pointing.

But rather than hiding behind the issues or creating excuses, these moments could be viewed as an opportunity for personal development…

These moments are opportunities for a business breakthrough, a breakthrough in performance and a way to build stronger relationships between you and your team…

When you embrace positive accountability and take it deadly serious, you will transform your team’s performance and therefore your Accountancy firm’s success.

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