Build value and sell more in your accountancy firm

When it comes to securing existing or future business with your clients then the questions you ask are fundamental to your success.

When you use a proven framework and ask your clients both ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ questions you build value and sell more in your accountancy firm.

Both kinds of questions are needed, and you can learn how to ask both.

Using this framework, Xerox proved that asking the right questions clearly worked in Newcastle, Tyne & Wear.

The Newcastle Xerox sales office of 35 people was ranked 16th out of 17 Xerox offices across the UK, producing poor results. When they introduced this new way of asking questions, they jumped to 5th best.

Only 6 months later they were ranked 1st in the UK and had doubled their sales conversion rate.

They only lost the top spot when all the other Xerox teams in the UK were trained to use the same framework and ask these happy and sad questions in the right way too.

These questions form part of a well proven framework that has also delivered results for the likes of IBM and Honeywell. Worth trying don’t you think?

Click here to learn more about this framework and the difference that asking ‘sad’ and ‘happy’ questions at the right time can make to future sales in your accountancy firm.

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