109 firms of accountants shared their marketing results recently.

The results clearly show what works best at generating converted new clients for accountancy firms. The top five sources of converted new clients were:

1. Referrals from clients
2. Referrals from introducers
3. Website
4. Networking
5. Events

Because all 109 firms found out about the research through LinkedIn and email marketing we were expecting a stronger show by email marketing and social media marketing. This gives even more credence to the top sources of converted new clients in my view.

One of the ‘no shows’ at generating converted leads was direct mail.

This bothered me. It bothered me because I have seen direct mail work for me in every business I’ve been involved in for the last 30 years – recruitment – upholstery – accountancy.

And yet accountants mostly ignore direct mail as a marketing medium.

What’s your experience of using direct mail?

What are your views in direct mail’s relevance to an accountancy firm’s marketing plan?

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