What are your goals and what’s your plan for the next year?

Like the divers say:

“Plan the dive; and dive the plan.”

Fail at either and you’re likely to enjoy a watery grave.

A bit melodramatic I know but true if you’re a diver. As an accountant in practice the same principles apply.

Of my many visits with accountants, the ones in the last 6 weeks have been the most stimulating.


Because with the new year round the corner and a recession on everyone’s lips, there’s an increased awareness of our own business mortality.

There’s a modicom of concern, there’s also a sense of fear.


Until a plan is worked out.

Then optimism returns.

And the likelihood of a prosperous year ahead appears more real (again).

So if you’re feeling nervous about the next 12 months do what the divers do…

STEP1: Plan the dive

Work out what you want for the next financial year, and then work out a plan that puts your people, your capabilities, your resources to work for you.

STEP 2: Dive the plan 

Implement the plan with the support of your people.

Month in month out.

Week in week out.

Which sounds as though there has to be a detailed plan!

Yep, it requires some thought, some time, and some work to get your plan.

Beats not having one though, and risking a watery grave!

I know this is old news.

I know you know this already.

I also know that you’re likely to pass it by because such familiarity breeds a little contempt. Plan the dive and you’ll tap into a source of optimism.

Dive the plan and you’ll turn that optimism into practical action that will secure your future.

Tally ho,

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