A little while back, I enjoyed the great privilege of interviewing Michael Heppell about two of his fantastic books: ‘FlipIt’ and ‘How To Be Brilliant’.

In our discussion Michael raved on about how good the Chris Evans autobiography was as a business and self-development book.

So I was delighted when my mum bought me a copy for Christmas!

Aren’t mum’s great?

I’m only a few pages in but Michael is right: it is a great read (so far) and has prompted the use of my highlighter already!

This quote stood out as a perfect focus for the months ahead.

What do you think?

“Ultimately I look back and see a minefield of huge risks and high stakes in all aspects of my life, some of which went my way, some of which did not, but most of which I didn’t have to take in the first place, yet I still felt compelled to do so. Barring physical, mental and social disadvantages, I think this is the single most common theme that links people who might be more  likely to exceed their so-called ‘expectations’ as opposed to those who don’t”

I had to read it 3 times to get it fully (my first day back after a 2-week break!).

I’m glad I did.

You may be contemplating some decisions and actions in the coming months – decisions and actions you don’t have to make but feel compelled to do so.

If you do feel compelled then Chris’ insight should hopefully give you some strength and resolve.

I wish you remarkable success in 2010.

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 PS If you want to hear one of the interviews with Michael Heppell (it’s completely FREE), simply click this link now to get your copy of the interview – it’s definitely worth a listen.