So why don’t you? Because if you could you would wouldn’t you? What I mean is:

If you could choose to be successful you would wouldn’t you? If you could choose to be happy you would, wouldn’t you?

So why don’t you?

According to Michael Heppell you need to master just one skill.

The skill he calls:              FLIP IT!

I recently interviewed Michael and in just 18 light-hearted minutes he explained how this one skill can transform my results, my approach and my enjoyement.

I think you’ll enjoy it and find it both practical and inspiring.

To listen to the interview click here and download the MP3 file.

What will you find in the interview?

Flip your mind set so that you turn difficulties into solutions…

  • Michael talks about how your problems are just answers in disguise
  • How every problem you face can be creatively flipped using a simple ‘linking’ process to generate the solution you seek
  • How challenging your habits creates new and powerful experiences
  • And which of these two questions – ‘WHY?’ or ‘HOW?’ – would win in a boxing match!
  • Plus how a UK hotel beat all the worlds hotels to be crowned the best customer service hotel in the world

I’m honoured Michael was happy to give this interview. Click here and download the MP3 file

Why don’t you Flip-It? 

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