When it comes to your firm's survival, and even growth, in these difficult times, the enthusiasm and commitment of your team is paramount.

If you want your firm to stand out from the competition, you need to have gold standard, exceptional employees.  But how will you achieve this in your firm?

It's a firm's leadership that dictate the levels of enthusiasm in the team – and that’s you!

So, how can enthusiasm benefit your firm?

Enthusiasm is best described as a positive energy, keenness and passion that exists within your team and, therefore, within your firm. It is a motivated mindset, in which your team always go the extra mile and rise to the challenge when there are setbacks.

You want a team that are willing to learn and that will always have the best interests of your firm at heart.

With this positive energy, your firm becomes a good place to work, even in the most difficult of times.

Here’s a great story of what can be achieved by an enthusiastic workforce.

Barron’s Magazines are an ordinary magazine publisher who publish a monthly magazine. On 14th September 2001, they published their magazine as normal.

You’re probably thinking that there is nothing remarkable about this, but consider that their offices had been demolished 3 days earlier on 11th September. Barron's offices were next to the Twin Towers in New York.

The managing editor at the time was Ed Finn, who commented:

“The idea of not publishing never even came up; the only question any employee asked was how the team would accomplish it.”

Ed Finn and his team at Barron’s were driven and motivated to get their work done, despite the adversity. The team were completely committed to getting their magazine published.