This is a ‘stating-the-blatantly-obvious’ sort of juggernaught. 

But it is a juggernaught that so few accounting firms fully embrace.

I think this is such a shame, see what you think… 

What business owner wouldn’t change accountants if she was certain that the new accountant would help her increase profits?  

Contrast this with the message most accountants broadcast to their clients and prospects: “We do what your existing accountant does but better”.

Get on with you.

Does this ever really work?

Unless they are desperate to move accountants?!

Does anyone really believe you?

A reputation for helping businesses substantially grow their profits every year might work though!

  • Such a reputation would make new client acquisition, of the right sort of clients, much easier, don’t you think?
  • Such a reputation would be great for team morale (what a worthy job you’ll all be doing).
  • Such a worthwhile reputation would give existing clients good reason to check out your other services too.
  • And such a reputation would have you jumping out of bed every morning eager and proud to embrace the day ahead.

What business owner wouldn’t change accountants if he was certain that the new accountant would help them increase profits?

Imagine how easy it would be with a reputation founded on proof, demonstrable, unequivocal proof that you can deliver meaningful and measurable value.

This is so dramatically different I can almost feel the difference it would make.

But then all I’m doing is stating the bloody obvious! So what are you doing to influence your clients’ success? 

Perhaps a better question… 

What are you proactively doing, or unexpectedly doing to regularly help your clients reach new heights in their businesses? 

Worthy of some of your attention, time and resources don’t you think?

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PS: What gets measured gets done they say. And they’re right…  So what if there was but one measure that would help you and your team focus on building this sort of reputation, and the results that follow it, a reality?  One to work on, don’t you think?