It’s frustrating when your firm achieves less than it should, but are you doing enough to help yourself?

Ignoring or paying lip-service to goal-setting as just another annual exercise will mean that your firm will achieve less than it could.

For your firm to be really successful and to grow you need to do some forward planning.

As a partner or manager in an accountancy firm, you should not fear setting goals, however, if you measure the ‘outcome’ goals only, your people are likely to disengage and resist you.  If you involve your people in developing ‘process goals’ they can relate to, they’ll be much less resistant.

It’s important to remember too that goal-setting doesn't have to be only about making money.

Setting goals could be about:

  • new business ideas
  • employee retention
  • improving your service

or in fact, anything that’s important to enhancing your firm.

Do you have goals in place for you and your team?

Do you have goals in place that guarantee the future growth and success of your business?

A summary of more than 1000 studies into business goals suggests:

“There is strong evidence that the increases in job performance produced by goal-setting have important economic and practical value”

So, if you resist setting goals, you and your firm will achieve less than your potential.

To discover more about goal-setting – download this 4-page Business Bitesize report here.