Inspiration for a brighter future is in short supply it seems sometimes.

Which is why I subscribe to The Wizard Of Ads’ blog – sometimes Roy shares genius of the simplest and highest order.

Like this…

According to the wizard the 4 keys to your rainbow future are these:

1. Relevance

2. Credibility

3. Speak to a felt need

4. Be what you say

As a TRUSTED ADVISOR ACCOUNTANT here’s how this works:

1. Relevance: Be irrelevant and you’ll lose trusted advisor status in your clients mind.

Demonstrate the relevance of your messagerelevance of your services and relevance of your firm and you’ll be seen as a genuine trusted advisor. A message has relevance to the degree it speaks to a felt need.

2. Credibility: Be incredible (unbelievable) and trust will, like a faltering glider, stutter, stall and crash to earth. Credibility is king in the world of a trusted adviser. Be believable through understatement and by delivering on the next two…

3. Speak to a felt need: What is it your clients want? What is it your prospective customers want? What is the desire in the heart of your customer? To speak to an unfelt need is to answer a question that no one was asking – wasting time, energy and resources – yours and your clients.

Here’s what I reckon… Your clients and prospects want CERTAINTY, they want REASSURANCE and they want CONFIDENCE all is well with their business and personal finances. Provide offers and use language to appeal to these felt needs and you will be on the right track.

4. Be what you say: Simply deliver on your promises. And yes I know this is simple to say and harder to follow through. It is why your firm’s processes and people are at the core of your authentic, genuine, transparent delivery so you can hold your head up high and know you are what you say you are.

Every meeting with every partner in every firm we work with has at its core these four factors. Four factors contributing to their bamboo roots of success. Four factors guiding the implementation of processes to improve the performance of their firm.

I hope this article stimulates some thought, some ideas and some frustration (or even anger). Why so? So you are driven to take some action at improving your firm in the coming year on one or more of these four powerful concepts.

Wishing you a remarkable and starlight-bright year ahead,

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PS: Do read the article by The Wizard Of Ads which stimulated this post.