You and your team can be ‘Advisory 1st Accountants’ – it’s not as scary as it sounds...

Please let me share with you an insight into the ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’ fairytale I mention in my book – ‘The Business Growth Accountant’.

Why ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’?

When accountants apply their skills at numbers to the ‘magic beans’ of business (the numbers that come from asking about KPIs and other important business issues and opportunities), then accountants are no longer seen as the ‘bean counters’. You become far more valuable and important to business owners.

You and your firm can move from being a score keeper to influencing the results positively for clients. To keep the sporting metaphor going – from ‘score keeper’ to ‘game changer’.

So, could you and your team do more to talk about these ‘magic beans’ numbers with clients?

  • Profit growth
  • Capital value growth
  • Cash flow improvement
  • Personal net worth increase
  • Less reliance (time) on the business owner

Ask yourself: “Are you really having enough conversations with clients about these numbers and the behaviours (and KPIs) that improve these numbers?”

Helping your clients succeed is not a dark, ghostly or magical art it’s simply a case of having better, stronger, more valuable conversations about the stuff that matters to your clients.

The 12 advisory accountants and the several commentators interviewed for my book ‘The Business Growth Accountant’ have advisory as a first priority and accountancy 2nd.

The impact this has on higher fee levels and stronger relationships with clients is profound.

Podcast: It’s worth hearing what the likes of Rob Walsh, Andrew Botham, Luke Smith, Greg Smargiassi and James Solomons and have to say about the way they work with clients – as Advisory 1st Accountants.

GB vs Australia!

These five interviews (plus many more) are included with the book – ‘The Business Growth Accountant’

You can listen to one (or more) of the (approx.) 50-minute interviews and get deep and clear insights into what these ‘Advisory 1st Accountants’ do and how they do it. 

You’ll discover what these firms do to win and deliver high-value advisory work with clients, with an Australian perspective from Greg and James and a British perspective from Luke, Andrew and Rob.

Rob, Andrew, Luke, Greg and James have proved ‘advisory 1st accountancy’ works very well – you and your team can too – it’s not as scary as it sounds (a bit like Halloween!).

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