Your clients determine the future of your firm.

Make a mistake, fail to treat a client well, miss a delivery or deadline or deal with a problem badly, and your firm is at risk.

In our social media world, clients are quick to let everyone know how badly you have treated them and this ripple effect can have a catastrophic effect on your firm.

But the opposite is also true – treat a client well, deliver quickly, provide a great product or service or do something unexpectedly brilliant, and the social media world will only hear positive things about your firm.

The experience that your client has with your firm is vital to its future, so ask yourself this question when you are considering how do you improve the reputation of your firm:

“If I were a client of my firm, what do I think my client experience would be?”

How do you improve the reputation of your firm?

Be honest in answering this question – you’re only kidding yourself if you don’t!

And here is the next question:

“When was the last time you and your team thought about the experience your client has with your firm and took the time to review their experience of your firm, products or services?”

Today’s clients want more than just competitive prices, fast and accurate tax returns and regular emails about other services they can buy from you. They want a rewarding client experience and, if they don’t get it from you, they will get it from your competition.

The accountancy profession is competitive, so delivering a great client experience can mean the difference between gaining or losing a strong and loyal client.

Delivering a great client experience can mean the difference between success and failure for your firm.

Get close to your clients...

Empathy and understanding about what matters in your client’s life (objectives/goals) can reshape the client experience you want to create.